Guided Crown


Quoris3D is constantly looking for ways to streamline and simplify digital workflows and in doing so create transparent and fixed pricing whenever possible.  We believe that the creation of Guided Crown, does just that and more. 

Bringing together the huge advantages of restoratively led digital planning, guided surgery, digital impressions, digital restorative design, model free manufacture and modern Zirconia materials Guided Crown is the ultimate way to plan, place and restore dental implants. 

Open to all implant systems, Guided Crown is unique to Quoris3D and we are confident that you will love it. 

 Benefits of Guided Crown: 

  • Start every case with a solid restoratively led plan.  
  • Using guided surgery (pilot or fully guided) help ensure that your implant is accurately placed each and every time. 
  • Reduce surgery time, increase accuracy and reduce surgical errors. 
  • Improve success rates 
  • Simplify the restorative phase simply by improving implant positioning 
  • Reduce the need for expensive customised abutments 
  • Reduce the need for screw angulation correction 
  • Reduce chairside time and increase profits 
  • Medico-legal: Peace of mind with clear documentation for every case 
  • Reduce costs by combining your guide with your final restoration. 
  • Fixed pricing with NO hidden costs 
  • Upgrades to include provisional restorations and OEM components