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Advancements in digital implant planning software, coupled with simplified digital data capture has now made the use of guided surgery accessible to all clinicians. With the advantages of taking a restorative led approach to implant dentistry now recognised as ‘gold standard’ within the profession, the tide is turning to where guided surgery will be the norm, not the exception.  

Allow the expert team here at Quoris3D assist you in taking advantage of increased success rates, simplified restorations, time saving surgery, increased accuracy of implant placement using our range of bespoke surgical guides.

Why Choose Quoris3D's Surgical Guides?

Advantages of working with Quoris3D:
  • Multi-system
  • Full design
  • In-house manufacture
  • Training available
  • Live case sharing via RealGuide App
Helping you achieve:
  • Increased success rates
  • Simplified restorations
  • Time saving surgery
  • Increased accuracy of implant placement

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An estimated 70% of implants are not ideally placed!

It's a shocking but true statistic. Around 70% of freehand placed implants are not placed in the optimum position. It shouldn’t be acceptable from an industry which has access to the technology and tools to address such a common issue, and here at Quoris3D, we say it absolutely isn’t acceptable!

We’re passionate about guided implant surgery because we know it’s so much better for the patient, and for the dentist. As dental professionals, our number one consideration should always be providing optimal patient care and the best possible clinical outcome. That’s why we believe so firmly that surgical guides are the best solution for almost every implant dentist. Of course surgical guides do not replace the necessary surgical skills and experience. They are guides only, designed to improve implant surgery, and they can have the added benefit of helping enhance the surgeon’s skills too.

Guidance is Golden!

Our surgical guides act as virtual blueprints, ensuring accurate positioning and angulation during the surgery. As a result, the risk of human error is greatly reduced, leading to improved implant success rates and minimising the need for costly and time-consuming corrective procedures.

Embracing dental surgical guides empowers dentists to deliver higher-quality
care, enhance patient satisfaction, and instill confidence in their practice's capabilities, ultimately revolutionising the landscape of dental implant procedures.

Enhanced Precision

Surgical guides replace manual measurements with accurate pre-operative planning,
ensuring precise implant placements and minimising complications, resulting in
improved treatment outcomes.

Streamlined Workflow

By simplifying the surgical process, guides reduce surgery time and increase overall efficiency, leading to better patient care and satisfaction.

Reduced Risk

Surgical guides mitigate the risks associated with manual errors, promoting patient safety and reducing the chance of unfavourable outcomes. More time chairside and less time in court!

Patient-Centric Approach

Patients can benefit from increased comfort, reduced post-operative discomfort, and faster recovery times when dental professionals utilise surgical guides, making their treatment experience more positive and rewarding.

Professional Growth

Staying at the forefront of dental technology demonstrates a commitment to providing the best care possible. Embracing surgical guides positions dental professionals as forward-thinking and dedicated to continuous improvement. With greater implant success rate comes a better reputation for you and your practice too.

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