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Quoris3D offers a fully guided solution to give you peace of mind, with the full backing of Europe's leading CHROME experts in Quoris, and the ROE dental team, the very people who designed CHROME! CHROME is TRIED, TESTED & TRUSTED.

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"It’s just a game changer for me completely, in such a good way”

- Dr. Greig McLean 


CHROME GuidedSMILE was created specifically for dentists seeking a guided surgery with a pre-planned, predictable All-On-X style approach. This stackable guide made of metal helps co-ordinate the placement of implants, bone reduction, and prosthetics, while also providing a streamlined final conversion protocol.

With CHROME, dentists get a fully planned protocol, right up to and including the final restoration, which gives greater predictability, better patient care, and significantly reduces chairside time by as much as 66%. Join thousands of CHROME dentists who wouldn't look back!

Metal Guides vs Plastic Guides

This approach achieves FP3 to FP1 prosthetics with minimal bone reduction. It offers precise seating accuracy and simplicity using tooth-supported methods. The floating guide technology ensures bone-free contact and allows irrigation access. The rigid guide provides visibility, durability, and secure connections. Small Hole Technology enhances prosthetic strength, aesthetics, and occlusion. This streamlined approach reduces flapping requirements, minimizes surgery, and potentially speeds up patient healing.

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CHROME GuidedSMILE in Action

CHROME GuidedSMILE Key Components

1 - Pin Guide & Fixation Base
2 - Osteotomy Guide
3 - Prosthetic & RAPID Appliance
4 - Fixation Kit
5 - Conversion Kit, Gaskets & Plugs