Pre-Surgical Decisions

CHROME’s surgical guides help answer all your surgical questions in advance. There are other decisions that also need to be considered for a successful day of surgery. 

Do you need a patient smile simulation to help convince the patient of the proposed treatment plan?

Do you know what version of CHROME you want to use? CHROME Standard vs CHROME Natural vs CHROME Replica?

Do you want chairside support for the day of surgery? Request a quote.

Are you ready to attend your online planning session?

The number one reason patients choose cosmetic dentistry is to make themselves more physically attractive. Therefore, the way to get more patients interested in cosmetic treatments and increasing your case acceptance rate is to show them how their appearance will be enhanced at the outcome of the treatment.

Send us your before images and we will create a before and after that you can share with your patient in order to get them motiavated into accepting, scheduling and completing the recommended cosmetic treatment.

Smile Sim Photo’s – Key Points
  • You don’t need to use an expensive camera – with the right lighting your cellphone camera would suffice.
  • Don’t take just a photo – take a flattering photo.
  • Only take a full face photo.
  • Don’t use lip retractors.
  • Take the photo from approx. 3-5 feet away. Create a straight line directly from the camera to the patients face. Zoom in to frame the head and focus on the teeth.
  • Both the camera and the patient’s head should be level, with the patient looking directly at the camera.
  • Encourage the patient to show a big, natural smile – not a forced smile trying to show as many teeth as possible.
  • Teeth can be apart or together, but if the patient has a gummy smile its best to take the photo with his/her teeth apart.
  • Snap several photos and then use the one that is free from shadows and is not too dark/bright.

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CHROME GuidedSMILE is continually being improved upon through a process of relentless and focused R&D. This R&D is the result of continuous feedback from the doctors and specialists conducting CHROME surgery in their practices. As we have refined this product, specific and nuanced patient needs have been identified and resolved using the CHROME GuidedSMILE framework. This has led to the development of the CHROME Family of Products.

Quoris3D recommends chairside support, especially for your first CHROME GuidedSMILE case. The goal is to use this first case as a training session so that you will not need chairside assistance for subsequent cases.

Contact us to request chairside support from our leading CHROME experts.

At this stage in the process the CHROME team presents their case analysis and work-up to the doctor. They walk through all pertinent files and digital models and discuss the unique challenges of the case. This includes:

  • Pre-planned and controlled bone reduction,
  • Planning for the implant component orientation
  • Accurate prosthetic delivery for both the provisional and final prosthetic

The goal is to gain your approval and agreement that the system is manufactured to your exact standards.

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