Why choose Quoris3D for Digital Dentures ?

Here at Quoris3D, we have built up several years of experience in this field using various 3D printers & resins, moving through several iterations of the technology & process. Offering efficient, cost effective denture solutions using approved materials (Lucitone), printed on high quality CARBON printers, underpinned by experienced designers and very established workflows, Quoris3D are delighted to be offering this service. Our pricing is simple & clear with no hidden extras.

  • Faster completion time
  • Less appointments: Typically going from 5-7 appointments to just 3
  • Lower cost: Lower overall lab cost, less resets, less appointments, less postage
  • Permanent digital record
  • Perfect for easy duplication
  • Almost any fully edentulous case
  • Attractive & strong
  • Using body activated material: Smart polymer technology that responds to the body temperature to strengthen the denture material
  • Higher patient satisfaction: Less appointments, better fit, quicker turnaround
  • Better patient experience & advanced techniques helps attract new patients
  • Greater accuracy: Using 3Shape software combined with photographs we can accurately position teeth from early in the digital process

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