The World's #1 All-On-X Guided Surgery Solution


The Ultimate Solution for Guided All-On-X Surgeries in Dentistry

  • Almost 20,000 cases globally
  • Safer, Faster, Smaller, Stronger
  • Fully patented, stackable metal guide with precision planned protocol
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No more blind drilling

Allows visualization of the drill as implants enter the bone

No binding & bending of plastic

Fixation Base create utilizing SLM technology

No more lengthy conversions

Both chairside conversion & final conversion take just minutes to perform

Complete Confidence

Digital workflow and guide expertise is delivered by us

Increased Profit

Reduces costs and increases true profit. Can easily double net hourly income.

Reduced Appointments

Reduces the no. of patient appointments from 7 to 5 and overall appointment hours by up to 66%.

Simplified Process

No Technician support required chairside with simpler and faster conversions.

CHROME GuidedSMILE was created for implant dentists seeking a reliable and pre-planned approach to guided All-On-X surgeries.

This exceptional service offers secured bite verification, anchored bone reduction, anchored site drilling, precise anchored provisionalization, and a systematic way to transfer all surgical and restorative data for the final restorative conversion phase. Our CHROME Complete Package is designed to include everything you need to complete a CHROME case, including a beautiful final zirconia bridge, all for only £4,995.

All-On-X Guided Surgery

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CHROME GuidedSMILE is an innovative solution crafted specifically to meet the needs of dentists who desire a guided surgery with a pre-planned, predictable All-On-X style approach. This cutting-edge technology introduces a stackable guide made of durable metal, which revolutionizes the coordination of essential elements such as implant placement, bone reduction, and prosthetics.

By utilizing the CHROME GuidedSMILE system, dentists gain a powerful tool that streamlines the entire treatment process, from initial planning to the final conversion protocol. The stackable guide acts as a guiding framework, ensuring precise and accurate implant placement, minimizing the margin for error. This level of meticulous planning leads to improved clinical outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

CHROME GuidedSMILE in Action

See the full CHROME GuidedSMILE surgical procedure right through to the placement of an immediate load temporary.

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Enjoy a comprehensive, 2 day course with Europe's leading CHROME GuidedSMILE expert in the stunning L. S. Browne Centre. Experience the full CHROME protocol, including live, interactive surgery on day 2 of the course.

Designing a New CHROME Smile

Our expert CHROME Designer, Krzysztof, walks us through the steps of designing the perfect CHROME smile, emphasising the importance of quality records for every CHROME case.

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