Full Arch Webinar with Dr. Isaac Tawil

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About the Webinar

Webinar Title:

“Utilizing the Dental Avatar Concept in the Comprehensive Full Arch Implant Digital Workflow”


The dental field is witnessing a rapid influx of new trends and techniques. Digital dentistry has become highly effective and efficient thanks to advancements like intra-oral, desktop, and facial scanning, alongside 3D printing. The concept of digitally recreating the patient, known as "the dental avatar," is gaining traction as it enhances laboratory communication and dental treatment outcomes. Within the realm of dental implants, the full arch All on X concept remains dominant. Traditional approaches focusing on hard and soft tissue preservation have given way to strategies involving gross bone reduction and prosthetic tissue replacement. Innovative technologies, including pre and post-operative facial, intra-oral, and desktop scanning, are being explored to streamline prosthetically driven implant planning. This exploration aims to reduce chair time and simplify the finalization process to 2-3 visits. The objective of this lecture is to examine the seamless integration of these advanced tools and techniques, focusing on preserving and enhancing both hard and soft tissue. The ultimate goal is to ensure predictable outcomes for FP1-FP3 restorations, spanning from single-tooth replacements to full arch restorations.

 Learning Objectives:

1. Examine the necessity of digital applications in creating the "Dental Avatar" for enhanced patient treatment and communication.

2. Explore the latest advancements and tools facilitated by CBCT (cone beam computer tomography) in dental practice.

3. Investigate the utilization of intra-oral, desktop, and facial scanning alongside 3D printing technologies in modern dentistry.

4. Discuss the importance of bone and tissue preservation techniques in maintaining optimal oral health outcomes.

5. Analyze the components and advantages of utilizing three-dimensional printed guidance for precise implant placement.

6. Understand the step-by-step workflow involved in temporization and the 2-3 visit finalization process for metal-free full arch implant restorations.

7. Discover recent advancements and tools available for pre and post-operative digital records, enhancing treatment planning and monitoring.

8. Engage in a discussion on considerations for choosing between FP1 and FP3 prosthetic solutions, understanding their respective benefits and applications.

9. Review various guided surgical applications, including techniques for creating guided or free-handed scalloped architecture, to optimize surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction.


Dr. Isaac Tawil

Dr. Isaac Tawil received his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from New York University College of Dental Surgery and has a Masters degree in Biology from Long Island University.

Dr. Tawil is the current President of AIE Advanced Implant Educators. Dr. Tawil has received his Diplomate from the International Academy of Dental Implantology as well as his fellowships with the international Congress of Oral Implantology, the Advanced Dental Implant Academy and recognition for Outstanding Achievement in dental implants from the Advanced Dental Implant Academy. He has received the President’s Service Award for his volunteer work in places such Honduras, Tijuana, Dominican Republic, China and Lima Peru.  Dr. Tawil is a member of American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Academy of Osseointegration, the American Dental Association and the New York State Dental Association. Dr. Tawil lectures internationally on advanced dental implant procedures using the latest technology, including in China, Thailand  Peru, Korea, Singapore, Japan, The Dominican Republic and Mexico. Dr. Tawil also teaches live surgical seminars in his office and abroad, as well as hands on courses globally. He has been featured in Inside Dentistry magazine, The Roundtable discussion group and has been published in several magazines including Tips and Catalyst. He has several webinars on Dental XP and Osseonews. Dr. Tawil has held Main Podium session and hands on workshops with AAID, AIMB, SENAME, SSER, ESCD, and IADI.

He maintains a general private practice in Brooklyn, NY, where he focuses on implant therapy. Dr. Tawil is also on faculty at Vizstara educational facility in Englewood, NJ. His interests are in advanced implant techniques and immediate placement.

  • Diplomate, International Academy Dental
  • Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology
  • Fellow, Advanced Dental Implant Academy
  • Presidential Service Award for Outstanding
  • Faculty at Vizstara Institute, Englewood, NJ
  • President, Advanced Implant Educators
  • IV Sedation, Einstein Medical College, 2012
  • Private Practice, Brooklyn, New York

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