Implant Crown & Bridge

As a specialist digital implant laboratory we take great pride in designing, manufacturing and delivering high quality, durable and cost effective implant borne restorations. Created from both conventional and digital impressions, we specialise in the use of the latest Zirconia materials to create market leading results for you and your patients.  

Due to the experience of our digital team, we are now able to produce many of our implant borne restorations ‘model-free’, reducing cost and improving turnaround times. 

Our screw retained or cementable implant restorations are available on either Ti-Base, stock or custom abutments using OEM or ‘Compatible’ components (Medentika or IPD), depending on your preferences. 

If you wish to ensure as simple a restorative procedure as possible by aiming for perfect implant placement then why not combine a full restoratively led digital plan, surgical guide and final restoration with our ‘GUIDED CROWN’ service. Unbeatable precision, value and peace of mind. Available for ALL implant systems.