Guided Bridge by Quoris3D



Turnaround: 7 working days for guides, 10 working days for bridges.

PLAN, PLACE, RESTORE with Guided Bridge from Quoris3D. Guided Bridge packages start at just £485 for a 2 unit bridge and surgical guide, including everything you need for the case planning, implant placement & final restoration!

Guided Bridge packages include:

- Digital case planning & digital wax-up.

- Surgical guide design & manufacture, including sleeves.

- Final zirconia bridge, including components & soft tissue models.

Guided Bridge is designed for:

- Dental implant retained bridges of up to 5 units.

- Up to 2 bridges per arch

- Up to 4 implants per arch in total

- Up to 8 units per arch in total

Simply select your case preferences below, submit all the necessary records and we'll take care of the rest.

Shipping Information

Price excludes shipping. A reduced shipping rate of £15 is applied for our Guided Packages at the point of order, which covers shipping of both the guide and the crown, saving you 25% on standard shipping charges.

For shipping rates outside of the UK and Ireland, please get in touch.

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