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Develop a knowledgeable & skilled CHROME team
Increase practice profitability & value
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Learn from expert international speakers & successful CHROME users
Be part of an engaged peer to peer community with support of CHROME KOLs

Welcome to CHROME Club

We’re delighted to share our latest exciting development for CHROME GuidedSMILE users, CHROME Club! The Club is a members only network dedicated to supporting CHROME dentists, and their teams, in their bid to harness the full potential of CHROME in their business.

Want to grow your dental practice by leveraging the success of the world's number one all-on-x guided solution? That's exactly what CHROME Club is here to do! With almost 20,000 CHROME smiles globally, thousands of dentists have now realised the impact CHROME GuidedSMILE can have on their business, and how the solution benefits their patients.

The success of CHROME in the USA is now being replicated in Europe, and the UK and Ireland are at the forefront of this dental revolution. For early adopters, now is the time to capitalise on their innovative spirit and really build a CHROME success story, consolodating their industry leadership in the full arch space.

CHROME Club is a community for those industry leaders. A peer to peer network which is laser focused on supporting the growth of members' practices with CHROME.

As a dentist, the challenge is often how to grow your business in the right way, a way that’s best for your patients, your team, your business, and best for you!

With CHROME Club, we can help you achieve these goals by maximising the potential of CHROME GuidedSMILE for your practice. We’re bringing together CHROME GuidedSMILE dentists, nurses, TCOs, Practice Managers and KOLs, from across the UK and Ireland in a unique, dedicated CHROME community. Members and their teams will be supported through three core pillars of:


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"The ultimate aim is to ensure every member increases their CHROME case numbers to add serious value to their practice. With the right support and development, we can help you easily achieve those substantial increases, potentially adding £1million+ in practice value, and that's a no brainer!"

We’re building a community of like-minded dental professionals who are seeking to grow their business the right way, in a way that's best for...

CHROME Club for your team

At its core, CHROME Club provides a community of CHROME GuidedSMILE users who are serious about embedding CHROME in their practice to achieve success. Members will enjoy access to education and training, not only for individual dentists, but also for their teams. From webinars with industry experts, to full day team training workshops, CHROME Club goes beyond the clinical mentoring, to include comprehensive business support, tailored to meet the needs of the different roles within your practice.

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You’re invited to join us at our Introducing CHROME Club webinar on February 22nd at 7pm. Here, we’ll present more details of what’s included in CHROME Club membership, how it can help you build a more successful and more profitable practice, and how you can get involved. We look forward to seeing you there!

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