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Smile Sim: Visualising a New Smile

At Quoris3D, we understand the importance of showcasing the potential outcome of a new smile to help increase case acceptance rates. Our Smile Sim service by allows you to create a realistic before and after image that you can share with your patient to help them visualise the results and make a more informed decision on the recommended dental treatment.

Smile Simulation Photos – Key Points

By following these key points, you can ensure that your smile simulation photos accurately showcase the potential outcomes and help increase treatment acceptance rates.

Affordable Equipment

You don't need an expensive camera. With proper lighting, your cellphone camera is sufficient to capture high-quality images.

Flattering Photos

Avoid taking just any photo. Aim for a flattering angle that highlights the patient's best features.

Full Face Photo

Take a photo that includes the patient's entire face for a comprehensive view of their smile transformation.

No Lip Retractors

Skip the use of lip retractors to achieve a more natural and comfortable smile.

Distance and Framing

Position yourself approximately 3-5 feet away from the patient. Create a straight line from the camera to the patient's face. Zoom in to frame the head and focus on the teeth.

Level Alignment

Ensure both the camera and the patient's head are level. The patient should look directly at the camera for an accurate representation of their smile

Natural Smile

Encourage the patient to display a big, natural smile that reflects their genuine happiness. Avoid forced smiles that attempt to show as many teeth as possible

Teeth Position

The patient's teeth can be together or apart, depending on their preference. For patients with a gummy smile, it's best to take the photo with their teeth apart.


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