Grammetry OptiSplint Single-Arch Pack

Size: 4 OptiSplint Scan Bodies

Grammetry, using the OptiSplint scan bodies, is the first and only universal verification jig that is scanned for digital-immediate-design workflows, which can also be used to create a verified stone cast. Grammetry combined with IOS scanners is the latest method of digitally creating day-of-surgery prostheses, printable in the dental office or by ROE. The kit includes scan bodies, screws, prosthetic scan caps, two frames (2 sizes) for luting the scan bodies together into an IVJ, and 2 delivery handles.

Additional items available for this system are the Digital Arch Tracers (tads) for bite preservation prosthesis and prosthesis scan bodies.

IMPLANT COMPATIBILITY:  Nobel MUA compatible systems including BioHorizons, Hiossen, Hahn, Keystone, Megagen, MIS, Neodent, Nobel Biocare, Thommen, Straumann BLT / BLX

Kits with specific screws: (availability is inventory dependent)

  • Nobel Biocare (Unigrip)
  • Biohorizons (0.05 In Hex)
  • Straumann 

OptiSplint intraoral scan bodies are designed for guided surgery, navigation-assisted protocols, and freehand. The system enables efficient fully-digital workflows as well as an analog protocol for model fabrication, coping seating, and final Zirconia ordering.