Grammetry Print Calibrator

Bar STL for Calibration will be emailed upon purchase
To test the calibration of your printer and resin, order our calibration device. This model analog with the corresponding printable bar will verify if your printer settings, the resin used, the cleaning process, and curing time are properly synced to the preciseness needed to print full arch prosthetics. In our laboratory, we fabricated stone-based models with multi-unit analogs which have been scanned using precision lab scanners. These files were used to design the virtual bars for clients to print.

When ordering the kit, please indicate which screw you use when printing full arch coping-free prosthetics, and we will email you the proper file. Options include DESS, Dan Rosen or Powerball.

Use this calibration before your next case, and in the future to ensure your system is working properly.

If the print does not fit the model, contact your printer or resin supplier and have support investigate the issues.

Bar .STL Type:
  • DESS 19.018
  • Dan Rosen 1.4mm
  • Dan Rosen 1.6mm
  • Dan Rosen 1.72mm
  • SIN Screw
  • Vortex LA VIS