Medit i500 Interchangeable Tips – Pack of 4


The i500 scanner tip is the part of the scanner that is inserted into a patient’s mouth during scanning. The tip can be reused for a limited number of times but must be cleaned and sterilised between patients to avoid cross-contamination.


Cleaning and Sterilizing Medit i500 Tips 

– Clean the tip using soapy water and a brush, and inspect the mirror found in the tip. If the mirror appears stained, smudged or has a milky haze, repeat the cleaning process using a soft dish brush and soapy water. Carefully dry the mirror with a paper towel.

– Put the tip into a paper sterilization pouch and seal it. Make sure the pouch is airtight by using either a self-adhesive pouch or a heat-sealed pouch.

– Sterilize the wrapped tip in an autoclave with the following conditions:

  • At 121℃(249.8°F) for 30 minutes, and dry for 15 minutes

– Use an autoclave program that dries the wrapped tip before opening the autoclave.

  • Using any other method besides autoclaving does not guarantee the sterilization of the tips.

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