Universal Shapers Guided Surgical Kit


“Bullet” Shaped Drills. Scallop Shaped Drills (SS drills). Cortical Release Drills (SR drills). Auxiliary Drills: Pilot Drill Twist Drill Extension Drill. The drills work with any handpiece and implant system.

Get Started Bone Profiling

Universal Shapers are a true evolutionary step for osteotomy preparation. From concept to reality, these burs are a gamechanger allowing clinicians to elegantly prepare implant receptor sites with the best implant drills, with fewer steps.

This guided surgical kit is a great addition for any implant surgeon’s tool box. The ability to plan and accurately execute bone contouring, sculpting, bone reduction, and the extended use for lateral sinus augmentations sets the Universal Shapers Guided Surgical Kit apart.

Universal Shapers offer dentists a method for contouring bone around the coronal aspect of the implant. Contouring bone allows for proper seating of healing abutments, prosthetic components, impression copings and the final prosthesis. This is especially helpful for sub-crestal implant placement.

  • Release zones around implants
  • Biological Osteotomy
  • Bedding For an Implant / Abutment Synergy
  • Avoid Dieback & Guide Bone formation around implants
  • Bone Profiling
  • Scalloping Architecture
  • P.E.T. Scalloping and bevelling
  • Bone Sculpting
  • Profiling and “bedding “ for Multi Unit Abutments

Surgical Kit Components

Kit Components Functions
12 bullet-shaped drills Bone profiling, flaring the osteotomy
3 scallop-shaped drills Sculpt the abutment/crown “bedding”
2 cortical release drills Release the cortical portion of bone without altering density
3 auxiliary drills (pilot, twist, extension) Precision drilling, improving reach

Why? From concept to reality

Implementation into everyday practice