iTero Element 2+ Mobile Configuration


An innovative workhorse for your practice.

Introducing the iTero Element 2+ Mobile Configuration, designed to take your practice to the next level. Work smarter and faster with the next generation processing technology*, now available in a mobile configuration.

Experience reduced scan processing time and a faster start-up time*, allowing you to stay productive during patient meetings and while planning and monitoring treatments throughout the day.

Enjoy uninterrupted scanning with the iTero Element 2+ Mobile Configuration. Its long-lasting, rechargeable battery provides easy mobility from operatory to operatory without the need for plugging in or rebooting1.

The ergonomic design of the iTero Element 2+ Mobile Configuration is just one of the reasons why it won the prestigious 2018 GOOD DESIGN® award. Every aspect, from the software to the hardware and the ergonomic wand cradle, has been meticulously crafted for your comfort and efficiency.

Work more efficiently with your lab using the iTero Element 2+ Mobile Configuration. Seamlessly send restorative STL files directly to your lab or export them from your iTero™ cloud account, all without leaving your office.

Experience the power of the iTero Element 2+ Mobile Configuration and revolutionize your dental practice today.


Product specs

Flex Comps Requirements


21.5” monitor


Scanner emits red laser light (680nm Class 1) as well as white LED emissions.

Wireless LAN

LAN card provides local network communications with wireless connectivity

Operating power


100-240VAC- 50/60 Hz – 200VA (max)

Operating temperature

18°to 26°C / 64.4° to 78.8°F

Storage/transportation temperature

-5°to 50°C / 23° to 122°F

Operating pressure & altitude

Pressure: 520 mmHg to 760 mmHg (~69 kPa to ~101 kPa) Altitude: 0 feet to 10,000 feet

Storage/transportation pressure & altitude

Pressure: 430 mmHg to 760 mmHg (~57 kPa to ~101 kPa) Altitude: 0 feet to 15,000 feet

Relative humidity

Operating: 40% to 70%; Storage: 30% to 90%


iTero HD touch monitor: Height: 356 mm (~14 in) Width: 552 mm (~21.7 in) Depth: 65 mm (~2.5 in) iTero Element wand: Length: 338.5 mm (~13 in) Width: 53.5 mm (~2 in) Depth: 69.8 mm (~3 in) Wheel stand: Height: 1280 mm (~50 in) Width: 645 mm (~25 in) Depth: 625 mm (~24.5 in) Counter Stand: Height: 480 mm (~19 in) Width: 552 mm (~21.7 in) Depth: 220 mm (~8.7 in)

Net weight

iTero HD touch monitor: 8.3 kg (~18.3 lbs) iTero Element wand: 0.47 kg (~1 lbs) Wheel stand: 13.6 kg (~30 lbs) iTero Element 2 Counter Stand: 2.5 kg (~5.5 lbs)

Shipping weight

~37.5 kg (~83 lbs)

Expand your possibilities.

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